Mericcup Week 2014
Day 7: King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men
Thanks for another great Jackunzel/Mericcup Week!

"… But I’m afraid I can’t do that."

Hiccup is the son of Stoick the Vast, Head of Dunbroch’s Castle Guards. His father had always wanted him to be a knight, and serve the Dunbroch family, but Hiccup was never one to play with swords. Instead, he always had a knack for putting broken pieces together, and bringing out something entirely different. He chooses instead to craft weapons under Gobber’s tutelage - a mechanic of some sorts.

One day he finds an odd sight - the Princess of Dunbroch at the shop, eyeing his makeshift swords. Though she was hiding under a cloak, there was no mistaking her mass of fiery hair. She tells him of her ‘princess duties’ and how she abhors them, how she’d much rather learn how to use a sword. He says he can teach her what little he knew, and they become very good friends, spending almost every waking hour together.

His Father learned of their friendship too soon, and warned him to keep his distance. He was right, after all. She may be a Princess now, but she would be Queen someday - and all he would ever be was her mechanic, her assistant - no - servant. He realizes he had no right to befriend one of royalty. And he certainly did not have the right to love one.

"Just the other day we were skipping rocks down by the river - and running around the archery range the day before. What on earth has changed?”
"A person of my rank and title deserves no friends."
"But I’ve always been your friend!"
"You could never be my friend, Your Highness. You will always be M’lady."

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